The Latin Quarter is a playing card and gaming chip project originally released on kickstarter and available through retail channels in 2020. It was conceived as a fanciful interpretation of cards and chips for an illegal casino that existed in Lexington Kentucky 100 years ago. The cards and chips were designed to appeal to collectors of playing cards, boardgamers, magicians and cardists. 
Double foil tuck box printed by Clove Street Press
Premium crushed cardstock with an air cushioned finish features metallic Pantone inks. Printed by the United States Playing Card Company.
Unique and ornate ace of spades illustration
Custom ace designs
Custom court cards featuring metallic inks and unique pip designs
Illustrated guarantee card and custom joker design
Gold, red, and ebony limited edition gilded decks featuring custom seal designs
Custom card featuring the name of the purchaser when a 12-deck brick was purchased
Custom ceramic poker chips featured the branding on one side and the denominations on the other. Shown below limited edition in a laser-etched hardwood case
Razor edged casino dice in an ebony finish gold stamped with Latin Quarter branding
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