When I was a kid I drew on my books in school. I drew while I was supposed to be studying other subjects. I designed logos for my name and t-shirts for my friends. It was a passion bordering on obsession. I'm one of the lucky people who is able to do what they love and I have been doing it successfully for 20 years.
I've worked as a freelance creative director for big NYC agencies and I have run my own shop managing staff, freelancers and clients. I've created big, bold advertising concepts for massive brands and agencies and clean, thought provoking branding and design for small startups. Companies like Pepsi, Milgard, Dannon, Avis and Ocean Spray have come to me for award winning concepts and cutting edge design. I have expertise in overall creative strategy, interactive design, UX, social media, brand identity development, print collateral, and advertising concept.
I've learned a lot in my career and I am more enthusiastic about the industry today than when I started. The constantly changing technologies present new challenges and opportunities that keep this business exciting.
If you're ready for real solutions get in touch with me. I look forward to hearing from you.
Jamie Stark

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